Authoritarian Schooling: A Catalogue of Damage compiled by David Gribble



Thank you to Jürg Jegge, Falko Peschel, the family of W. B. Curry and the da Capo Press (publishers of How Children Fail) for permission to quote long passages from copyright works. 

Thank you Zsa-Zsa Shea for the seven drawings with the quotations from interviews with Sands students, and Patrick Lessware ( for permission to use his screen-print of a Victorian school building.

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Zytglogge Verlag for Dummheit ist Lernbar and Angst macht krumm

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Schneider Verlag for Offener Unterricht

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Little Brown Book Group for For Your Own Good

New Society Publishers for Dumbing us Down.

(The covers for The Hothouse Society and The Making of Them have been used without permission after repeated efforts to contact the apparent owners of the copyright Peters, Fraser and Dunlop and Lone Arrow Press)

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